City of Carmel, just north of Indianapolis, has been under expansion the past several decades. The rapid urban and residential growth has led to increased run-off throughout the City, especially along its Cool Creek corridor, which is a tributary to the White River and a native riparian habitat. To satisfy the City’s concern with another upstream residential development, a mitigation plan was developed by the engineer of Arden Townhomes. Many options were analyzed throughout the design process. The final design, agreed to by all, was a vegetated system to include a 20 inch coir log, North American Green (NAG) P550 permanent turf mat, and NAG SC 150 BN temporary erosion control blanket. The 20 inch coir log was pre-vegetated and placed at the toe of slope to aid native plants in taking root in this sensitive area. NAG P550 was installed over seeded soil in the wet to mesic areas to increase the vegetation’s shear strength capacity to 14 lbs/sft. Finally, the temporary blanket was placed along the upper slopes where natural vegetation was sufficient to resist erosion once established. NAG SC 150 BN is a double-net straw and coconut fiber blanket with woven jute netting, which protects the soil up to 18 months during the establishment of vegetation. This vegetative system was designed as an equivalent to a 24 inch riprap section. By working with both the City of Carmel and design engineer, D2 Land & Water Resource was able to satisfy all the restrictions and provide a cost effective vegetative solution.