When designing CR 200 South in Tipton County, Indiana, USI Consultants had a potential long term cost savings measure for the County. Campbell’s Ditch, a legal drain, originally crossed CR 200 South discharging into Buck Creek 300 yards downstream of the road crossing. By relocating 1400’ of Campbell’s Ditch to the north side of the road and keep Campbell’s Ditch discharging into Buck Creek, USI would save the County the costs associated with the replacing the existing structure and all future maintenance costs associated with the structure itself.

Knowing that relocating the ditch could be difficult during the permitting process, USI looked for alternative vegetated solutions in lieu of the standard riprap details. In doing so, USI seek expertise from local erosion control specialist, D2 Land & Water Resource. The ditch’s minimal velocity allowed a 12” diameter, 9 lb/ft3 density coir log to be placed at the toe-of-slope with a permanent turf reinforcement mat, North American Green’s SC-250, on the side slopes. The upper bank was protected with a biodegradable blanket, S150BN, to allow the vegetation to develop. This design was approved by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources for a Construction in a Floodway Permit, Indiana Department of Environmental Management for an Individual Section 401 Permit, and Army Corp of Engineers for a Section 404 Permit.

The design has successfully withstood several flooding events including the storm documented in April 2013 shown below. By the May 2013 picture, you can see that major flooding is no problem for this reinforced vegetative system!